10 Best Responses To Donald Trump Telling Supporters Committing Hate Crimes To “Stop It”

Credit: CNN
Credit: CNN

During a recent episode of 60 Minutes in which Lesley Tahl interviewed President-elect Donald Trump, the business tycoon was asked about the future of America, particularly concerning the hate crimes some of his many supporters have been conducting.

In the months since he announced his candidacy for president and the days since he won the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, a number of crimes have occurred against Muslims, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Jewish people, and LGBTQ people (among others). When Trump was confronted with this reality in the interview, his response was to tell his devotees to “Stop it.”

While it might seem like this statement was a progressive move on his part, really, it’s anything but. When a man is preparing to rape a woman, will “stop it” truly discourage him from following through? If some of his supporters have learned from his example that Hillary Clinton supporters are “crooked” and deserve to be punished, will “stop it” cause them to re-think their actions? If some of the white supremacists (such as David Duke) that have endorsed Donald Trump hear “stop it”, will they all of a sudden abandon their belief that African-American individuals deserve to be tortured and killed?

More is needed from Donald Trump to truly discourage the hateful rhetoric he is responsible for inciting throughout his campaign. The President-elect will soon hold the highest office in the country and the entire world is waiting for him to set a positive example. Within days of being elected, he’s already modified some of his more controversial and extreme policies; the time is now for Donald Trump to become a true role leader and model.

Many people have taken to social media to raise awareness about the fact that saying “Stop it” isn’t enough to reverse the hate crimes which are taking place in the U.S. and elsewhere. Some of the ten best follow, courtesy of SomeeCards:











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