14 Ways We Abuse Plastic And How To Kick Them Out Of Our Lives

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Solving problems has always been the driving force for technological advancement. Many of today’s conveniences are results of yesterday’s problems that needed to be solved, and one of those helpful solutions then were plastics.

Plastics are a constant part of our daily lives. The bed we sleep in come with plastic components, the coffee we drink come in plastic packages, even the water we drink is now contained in plastic. Everything we do today, in one way or another, has plastic thrown into the mix. We pay in plastic, we live, bathe, dress and even die in plastic and, because of this, it is inevitable that our love affair with plastics and our abuse of them because of the conveniences they afford us, will bring about consequences. Those consequences are now staring us in the face, as they wreak havoc to our environment.

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Data from a World Economic Forum report in June 2018 show that the world’s oceans are “infested with plastic,” with 8 million tons of it dumped into our waters every year. If these numbers aren’t curbed, it is estimated that by the year 2050, the world’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish.

What was once the solution is now the problem that needs solving.

A viral video posted on the Facebook Page BrightVibes has 14 helpful and alternative ways on how we can avoid plastics starting today.


Watch it below:

14 bits of plastic you can quit today

Feeling powerless about plastic pollution, right? Wrong! Here are 14 bits of plastic you can easily quit today.

Posted by BrightVibes on Thursday, August 30, 2018

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