18 Of The Most Amazingly-Creative Protests Ever!

What does create long-lasting change, is changing the hearts and minds of the people, and changing the consciousness of society. This is done by connecting to them on both an emotional and a logical level, not by just expressing how angry you there. There is certainly plenty of value in large gatherings where people loudly express their views, but it will require a bit more creativity than that to really connect with people on a deeper level.

Most people think protests are aimless especially when they are mismanaged and get violent. Such protests instead lead to many socio-economic challenges, which create more problems than before.

However, if clever words and peaceful gestures are used for a protest, it gets more positive attention and hence may change the course of history. Traditionally, protests have been thought of as a way to demand change from the masters, but as we have seen throughout history, this rarely achieves long-lasting change.

Here are 18 of some of the most creative protests ever recorded in history:

1. Road Block Clearly Conveys The Sentiments Of Hong Kong Protestors 


2. When The Protesters Are Harry Potter Fans Too

2-harry-potter-fans-and-protestors 2-this-would-not-happen-in-hogwarts

3. A Spanish Girl Protesting For Palestine At Hollywood Walk Of Fame


4. A Demo Against Illegal Organ Transplant


5. Indian Men Protest Against Government Comments That “Those Who Dress Immodestly Are Inviting Rape”


6. Brazilians Protest Against FIFA World Cup



7. Portland Protests Against The Transportation Of Coal, Gas And Oil



8. A Perfect Answer To Westboro Baptist Church’s Logic: God Hates No One



9. PTI Protesters Against Prime Minister’s UN Address


10. Factory Workers Lay Down Their Hats In The Italy Streets


11. EU Dairy Farmers Protestors Used Milk Cannon Against Police


12. Spanish Coal Miners Protests By Holding A Night Vigil With Their Helmets


13. There Do Exists Time Travel Protests :D


14. A Good Idea, Though!


15. Powerful Words On A Tent During The Occupy Events


16. British Themed Protest


17. A Reply To Another Sign


18. Give Three Piece A Chance: Protest Against Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet On London’s Historic Savile Row


via art-sheep.com | mostepicstuff.com

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