20+ Iconic Atheletes That Broke The Law And Destroyed Their Careers

Source: https://golfgods.com/

Talented athletes that have dominated the world of sport have always been looked up to by their millions of fans worldwide. These perfect specimens of human endurance, power and agility have risen above others in their particular fields, gaining for themselves money, influence and adoration that most of us can only dream of.

Great and strong as they may be, these mortal heroes are still, in fact, human, and this makes them far from perfect. They make mistakes just like any of us do and some of those errors have blemished their hard-earned records or have caused them their entire careers.

Some of these athletes have been able to rise back to their feet but unfortunately for others, they remain forgotten the shadows of shame.

Here are 20 icons of sport who have managed to fall from grace during or after their careers.

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