20 Must-See Infographics Explaining The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

In the latest hours, the Israeli army destroyed two multi-storey buildings in Gaza.

The first was Zafer Tower, 12-story building, which was the home for about 44 families. It’s located in Tel al-Hawa neighborhood in southern Gaza. The second is a seven-floor office building – Zourab building – in Rafah.

The attacks on both building came after warnings by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) telling Palestinians in Gaza that Israel will continue “to attack, every area from which terror activities against Israel originate”.

The Israeli army claimed that those building were used by Hamas as control bases but did not clarify why the whole 44-apartments tower was destroyed.

According to UN, almost 100,000 Gazans have lost their homes, with more than 17,000 homes destroyed.

According to Haaretz, Israel is costing 60 million dollars daily as it goes on with its offensive on Gaza. Single Iron Dome Tamir missile is costing about $50,000.

However, if you are interested in knowing more about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, you should take a look to the information below.

The following infographics are all made by Visualizing Palestine depending on hundred of sources (listed in the end of each one).

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1. 20 Years of Talks: Keeping Palestinians Occupied (Source)


2. A Guide to Administrative Detention (Source)


3. A Policy of Displacement: Israeli House Demolitions in Gaza and the West Bank (Source)


4. Born at Qalandia Checkpoint (Source)

RVB de base

5. Bus Segregation (Source)


6. End $30 Billion of US Military Aid to Israel – Homes (Source)


7. End $30 Billion of US Military Aid to Israel – Weapons (Source)


8. End $30 Billion of US Military Aid to Israel – Green Jobs (Source)


9. Identity Crisis: The Israeli ID System (Source)


10. Gaza Water Confined & Contaminated (Source)


11. Across the Wall: Israeli Settlement Bus Routes (Source)


12. An Ongoing Displacement – The Forced Exile of the Palestinians (Source)


13. On Israel’s system of segregated roads in the occupied Palestinian territories (Source)


14. Palestinian and Israeli Deaths: Timeline of Violence Since September 2000 (Source)


15. The Five Stages of Grief (Source)


16. Where Law Stands on the Wall (Source)


17. Who Dunnit? Israeli and Palestinian Ceasefire Violations (Source)


18. On hunger strikes in 1989 South Africa and 2012 Israel/Palestine (Source)


19. Not Enough Water in the West Bank? (Source)


20. 800,000 Olive Trees Uprooted, 33 Central Parks (Source)


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