2023 Proves To Be One Of Aviation’s Safest Years Ever With Zero Airline Crashes


It’s surprising that modern aviation, where thousands of large metal planes filled with highly flammable fuel fly at high speeds daily, doesn’t receive more attention despite the rarity of accidents.

The year 2023 emerged as a pinnacle in aviation safety, marking an unprecedented milestone where not a single large, turbofan-powered jet aircraft experienced anything resembling a crash anywhere on the planet. This means that each day, for 365 consecutive days, tens of thousands of flights defied gravity without a fatal incident or collision, showcasing the remarkable reliability of air travel.

The chances of someone dying on a plane due to technical issues are extremely low, with only 2 deathsreported from machine malfunctions. However, it’s important to note that there were still fatal crashes involving smaller planes.

For example, the Embraer Legacy 600, carrying 7 passengers including Yevgeny Prigozhin, the mercenary commander of the Wagner Group, and two of his allies, crashed following their mutiny against Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Such incidents raise questions about the willingness of individuals to board aircraft under such circumstances. Moreover, they shed light on the adequacy of investigations conducted following aviation accidents. While aviation authorities typically adhere to rigorous investigative protocols, the inquiry into the Embraer Legacy 600 crash appears to have been marred by inadequacies, prompting concerns about the integrity of the process.

However, despite these isolated incidents, the overall safety of air travel in 2023 remains unparalleled in human history. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and competence of the approximately 600,000 individuals comprising America’s airline industry. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of passengers amidst the complexities and challenges of modern aviation is commendable.


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