25+ Animals That Take Better Selfies Than Most Humans

From domesticated pets to zoo animals, to wild creatures met while exploring, the following photos are something to marvel at. Most were captured using a method called camera trapping, which means that when an animal touches or approaches a motion-sensing device near the lens, a photo is captured. Not only is it non-invasive, it results in humorous and cool-to-look at images. In fact, the trend of animal selfies is blowing up fast, similar to cat photos and memes.

All of the following selfies were compiled by Bored Panda. They range from a mischievous monkey in Indonesia taking a selfie after stealing a British photographer’s equipment to pets snapping photos upon being instructed to do so by their humans.

One thing’s clear: they’re certainly more interesting to look at than your neighbors’ selfies.

#1 Selfie With The Crew

Credit: yoremahm

#2 Self-Portrait Of A Female Celebes Crested Macaque, Who Had Picked Up Photographer David Slater’s Camera And Photographed Herself With It

Credit: public domain

#3 Omg Quokka!


#4 Chillin’ With The Gang

Credit: yoremahm

#5 My Cousin Wanted A Selfie With A Kangaroo

Credit: RedBearski

#6 I Woke Up Like This

#7 Beautiful Husky

#8 Tufted Titmouse Selfie

Credit: Spin737

#9 Bella Takes A Selfie

Credit: RedwoodRedemption

#10 But First Let Me Take A Selfie

Credit: Chris Mclennan

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