25 Ways to Change the World Every Day

Image Credit: Flickr / Hauptillusionator
Image Credit: Flickr / Hauptillusionator

By: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

The radiant light emitted by each individual is a unique reflection of all the beauty that is the Universe. But because mainstream media only exposes the negative aspects of humanity, an opportunity to witness and realize the expansive gift of life can be missed.

To share this truth with others is one of the highest aids to be given; it may illuminate a new perception and/or drastically change someone else’s life.

The following acts are examples of how you may share this truth with others and contribute to a changed world.

  1. Smile ear-to-ear at everyone you see (It’s contagious)

  2. Send a post card

  3. Write a “thank you note” and send via snail mail

  4. Give your books a new home and/or participate in a book exchange

  5. Get a doggy bag for your leftovers and give it to the first hungry person you see in need.

  6. Give an anonymous donation of whatever you can afford

  7. Put a note of appreciation in the tip jar

  8. Buy a lottery ticket for someone down on their luck

  9. Make a friend their favorite meal

  10. Tell someone else, “You make the world a better place.”

  11. Experience something new with someone you love

  12. Open the door for someone else

  13. The next time someone has car troubles, offer help instead of speeding by

  14. Give genuine compliments whenever the moment calls

  15. Report excellent service to an attendant’s manager

  16. Give a huge tip and love that you did

  17. Take a picture for a tourist

  18. Buy a dozen sandwiches (or make them with love) and pass them out to homeless individuals

  19. Volunteer at a charity event

  20. Turn off the TV and get lost in books with your children

  21. Pay for the guy’s coffee behind you

  22. Ask someone about their life, and be present when listening

  23. Spend one day each week with an elder and consider what lessons they may teach

  24. Motivate a sedentary friend to enjoy being healthy with you (buy them a smoothie!)

  25. Share this article!

To change yourself by acting out of kindness, you change the world. It was Mother Teresa who said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”. The potential to positively shift the world is increased with every pebble that is thrown.

By choosing to embody positivity and acts of integrity, you are illuminating a new type of path for others. Be proud of your efforts and give thanks for all of the subtle changes that are taking place in your own life, for they are a small reflection of the whole.

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