3 Girl Scouts Went To Sleep For The Night, And They Never Woke Up.

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The Girl Scouts of America have been around from as far back as 1912, and almost every little girl has dreamed of spending their youth in one of the esteemed chapters around their home area. 3 girls aged 8, 9 and 10 were going to spend their first summer together at Camp Scott in Mayes County, Oklahoma, but on their very first night there, the unthinkable happened when they were brutally raped and murdered. These three young girls lost their lives to a monster, or possibly more than one, and yet until this very day, the killer has never been found.

See how the tragic murder of three little girls from Tulsa, Oklahoma shocked the world, and how their story will make you want to hug your own children a little closer at night.

Camp Scott, Mayes County

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From sometime in the late 1920’s, Camp Scott had been a ‘Tulsa-based Magic Empire Girl Scout Council.’ The entire property sat on 410-acres near the State Highway 82 and had been accepting Girl Scout campers from the time it opened. It was heavily shrouded with tall trees, surrounding creeks and had been a happy haven for campers for almost 50 years. But that was soon going to change.

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