33 Of The World’s Most Mysterious And Unexplained Photos

The demon possessed girl

Annaliese Michel, the girl pictured here, was said to have been possessed by demons. Her story was yet to be proven, but according to some accounts, these images were captured to help facilitate the exorcism. She was supposed to be possessed by six demons, each one having a distinct voice and mannerism.

The giant skeleton

The authenticity of this image is yet to be determined, but experts agree that the giant in the photo looks eerily real. This giant skeleton was found in 1912 in Lake Delavan, Wisconsin. But this astonishing archeological find was just one of the dozens of similar discoveries reported around the area since 1851. On December 20, 1897, for example, Times wrote a report on three large burial mounds that had been found in Maple Creek, Wisconsin. The report states: “IN IT WAS FOUND THE SKELETON OF A MAN OF GIGANTIC SIZE. THE BONES MEASURED FROM HEAD TO FOOT OVER NINE FEET AND WERE IN A FAIR STATE OF PRESERVATION. THE SKULL WAS AS LARGE AS A HALF BUSHEL MEASURE. SOME FINELY TEMPERED RODS OF COPPER AND OTHER RELICS WERE LYING NEAR THE BONES.”

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