4.5 Million Baby Blue Eyes Blanket Acres Of A Japanese Park In An Endless Sea Of Flowers

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It’s a whole different story when flowers bloom in Japan because they do so, altogether in absolute beauty. It seems that it is an important part of the Japanese culture for all their unique species and varieties to burst and bloom in different seasons which brings happiness and positivity to its people. 

Large flower fields privately and publicly owned are scattered all over Japan are often made tourist attractions to both local and international travellers who love to witness the spectacle and flower blooms each season brings. 

The Hitachi Seaside Park located near Mito in the Ibaraki Prefecture is a site that should definitely not be missed when visiting Japan. This 190-acre area consists of an amusement park, cycling and walking trails, as well as a number of seasonal flowers that bloom in different seasons. 


Late-April to mid-May would be the best time to visit the park because of the glorious display of Nemophila Harmony that will be in full bloom during the spring. 

Better known for its nickname, ‘baby blue eyes,’ 4.5 million Nemophila flowers cover 8.6 acres of the Miharashi hills. These baby blues cover every inch of the hills aside from the pathways to get to these fields. When walking around the area, it’s as if the flowers have carpeted the whole area that no matter where you are, you’ll be surrounded with an incredible picture-perfect view all the time. 

Because of the world-wide pandemic and countries going on lockdown, the park was closed starting April 4 until further notice. So while visiting the park in 2020 isn’t a possibility, here is a video of the seaside park that will surely brighten your day and transport you to a land of flowers and dreams, until the time comes where you can have this experience in real life. 


Believe it or not, growing your own field of baby blue eyes (Nemophila Menziesii) is actually quite easy to maintain. This low-spreading shrub does well in USDA hardiness zones 2-10. Adding a little fertilizer in the soil before planting the seeds helps with the growth. Planting the seeds in early springtime would give them partial shade and wind protection.

They need plenty of water during the first six weeks of germination, and gradually less and less when they begin to bloom. 

When your baby blue eyes bloom, you’ll have plenty of flowers that cover all stems and leaves. Nemophila doesn’t last for very long, so there is no need to worry about pests, but if planted in early spring, they will bloom thru the summer that may attract butterflies and bees to your home. 


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