4 Perks Of Traveling In Luxury RVs


Traveling has proven to be good for the soul. There are so many ways to arrive at your destination – plane, train, automobile, or boat – all have their pros and cons. There are also plenty of experts out there to tell you ways to get the best deals, most perks, and overall best experiences.

While your destination often dictates the method of travel, if you are able to drive to your dream location, the best way is by luxury RV. Consider these top four perks when you choose to be mobile via recreational vehicle.


Yes, travel is spontaneous and carefree – but only to a point. Careful planning and preparation are required when going on any excursion, and financial considerations are always necessary. You don’t want to travel beyond your means or  waste money that could be better spent on the adventure itself.

Even with gas prices on the rise, you want to consider the trade-off expenses when driving a luxury RV. It is often much cheaper than a flight (remembering that planes use fuel too), and airlines will hike up the price to offset their costs.

Also, when you fly, you will usually have the hotel cost and rental car costs to consider. Even if the rental company includes fuel in the cost, you will often spend less when just fueling up your silver bullet. Traveling by luxury RV can also mean you cook more meals “at home” or at the campsite, saving you money on meals. While the children may miss fast food for a short time, a family of four can save significantly on this factor alone.


Spending time with your loved ones and creating special memories is a huge perk of traveling by luxury RV. A smaller dwelling makes family time a priority, you will share meals, entertainment, and exploration simultaneously, getting to enjoy being in the moment with your loved ones. That is not as easy to accomplish on a plane ride or boat crammed in with other strangers.

Speaking of, traveling in an RV can give you an extended family – a travel one! There is a camaraderie among campers and RV enthusiasts and almost always someone interesting worth getting to know.

People travel from all parts of the world and you can meet new friends, start new traditions, even discover new places to visit just by having conversations with your new travel family.

And let’s not forget your furry family members! Having the ability to bring your cherished family member with you is a luxury in itself. Flying and getting a hotel that is pet-friendly is difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Not to mention it is stressful for your pet and for you. Traveling in a luxury RV allows your pet to have all their creature comforts also, and they can be included in family adventures.

Bring It

Have you ever debated whether to bring your soft black sweater or your newer, more dressed up red sweater when packing to fly? You have limited luggage space so every choice can be painstaking. If you are traveling in an RV, you can bring them both.

You will have a lot more flexibility and space to bring things along that will enhance your trip. This can include clothing, certain toys, maybe your family karaoke machine. If your family partakes in outdoor activities, RV travel is almost a necessity. No matter what class you fly, you won’t be able to carry on the kayak.

Of course, realistically, your RV can only hold so much as well, but you have more flexibility and room to spread out and stash your favorite things from home while you’re on the road.


An RV is as close to bringing your home with you on vacation as you can get. Regulated temperature regardless of climate, comfortable beds, and power for your gadgets and Netflix. Contrary to common belief, travel and camping doesn’t mean you have to “rough it” in discomfort.

In addition to living in luxury, more times than not most RV parks and campsites are like mini-resorts themselves! Some have swimming pools, private lakes or beach access that you can only utilize as an RV traveler.

Moreso, traveling in an RV gives you the luxury of time and flexibility. If you and your family are out in the great wilderness, there is no check-out time. If you find you are enjoying yourselves and want to spend some extra time, you won’t have to worry about canceling hotel reservations and not getting a refund. You can even stop in to visit that family member in the boonies and know you’ll be living comfortably while doing so.

There are endless perks to traveling by luxury RV, discover these and more on your own adventures. Happy driving!

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