4 Ways to Make Your Home A More Eco-Friendly Property

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Environmentally friendly is a phrase growing more in popularity, and with good reason; all people should be making important steps to being more aware of their effect on the environment and their own carbon footprint. Changes begin at home, and in this case, it’s those home-changes which can make a significant difference in being actively eco-friendly. Most eco-friendly decisions are made with items you use within the home anyway, so if you’re going to be purchasing certain products regardless, why not make them eco-friendly? Not to mention, you can feel much more comfortable and happy within a functional home which is truly taking steps for a cleaner and smarter environment.

1. Be Aware of Your Water Usage

Helping the environment doesn’t always mean huge investments or changes – sometimes, it can mean being more considerate of the supplies you are using, and preventing yourself from overusing. Using less water is an easy way to help the environment; this can be as simple as turning the tap off while you are brushing your teeth, or trying to have quicker showers which use less water. The next step can be to install a low-flow showerhead, which will significantly reduce your water consumption – especially if you have a large family constantly using the bathroom.

2. Install Solar Panels

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Solar panels are the most beneficial large-scale move you can make in allowing your home to be more eco-friendly. Solar energy means clean and consistent energy for your home, without the need for expensive utility bills. Take a look at Renew Energy Systems website to see how they can help with any queries regarding solar panels for your home.

Solar panels may seem a large investment in the first instance, but not only will you make your money back over the course of your lifetime at your property, but you will be significantly helping the environment – which is a reward in itself. Not only that, but you may even produce enough energy to sell back to the grid.

3. Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

Using cleaning products for your home is unavoidable, and you can’t prevent the need for them, but what you can control is which cleaning products you use. Mainstream cleaning products use harsh chemicals which are bad for the environment, and these chemicals are filtered into the general water supply as soon as you wash them away. Where possible, try natural alternatives for cleaning, such as citric acid or vinegar, which can be just as effective as branded cleaning products, but without the harmful chemicals.

4. Purchase Recycled Goods

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Recycling your waste is, of course, of huge importance in terms of helping the environment – but you can take this one step further by purchasing recycled goods, too. Take the time to look out for recycled products, even if it’s just kitchen towel or basic home goods, as you will be receiving the same quality product, just with a more eco-friendly label. Recycled goods come in a variety of forms, and have even extended to more large scale items such as recycled technology like your favorite smartphone.

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