5 Easy tips to Car Seat Safety

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It’s very important that we are well-educated when it comes to car seat safety. So many accidents happen every day, and it is important to ensure that our children will be well protected if they are properly harnessed in their seats. Car seats save the lives of children every day, with studies showing that the risk of dying going down by more than 70% if they are secured by a car seat.

That’s why it is important to invest in a car seat for your children. You need to be better educated. Doing your own research will lead you to realize how significant a decision it is. Here are some safety car seat tips that you need to know.

  1. Ensure that the harness is the right fit – There are some parents and adults who are afraid that they might make the child too uncomfortable if they keep the straps tight around the baby or the child. But it’s a big mistake to keep the straps too loose. If a crash happens, they may get injured as they get tossed around the car or worse, the child may get out of the restraints and out of the car because they were not strapped tight enough. One test that parents can do is the pinch test. If you can pinch a portion of the harness while your child is strapped, then it is still too loose. It needs to be snug so that they are well-protected.
  2. Choose a brand that meets the standards – This cannot be stressed hard enough. There are so many car seat brands in the market today and you need to be meticulous in making a choice. It can be overwhelming but you do not need to feel intimidated. There are things to consider when buying a car seat, including the age, weight, and height of your baby, and of course, whether the product meets the standards of safety. Check to make sure that they have a label that says that they passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Another thing to see is if thy earned stars for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s ease of use rating system.
  3. Avoid buying secondhand car seats – When on a budget, it may seem tempting to buy a secondhand car seat so that you can save money, but that can be very risky. While it may look perfectly conditioned on the outside, there may be damages or cracks inside that you just can’t see. Some seats also show an expiration date so check to see that. If it is showing signs of wear and tear, don’t buy it anymore as it can be dangerous. Don’t think of a car seat as a splurge. It is necessary to make sure that your child is protected and safe. Besides, the best brands will be something that you can still use even as your child grows older, so it is a worthy investment.
  4. Make sure that you install the car seat properly – If you have already bought the car seat, now it’s time to install it inside the car. You need to first read the manual so that you are familiar with all the parts of the car seat and how to install it. According to WebMD, three out of four parents are actually driving around with their car seats are not properly installed. It needs to be secure. There are two types of installations, the seat belt, and the LATCH installations.
  5. Stick to rear-facing as long as you can – While there are debates going on around this, most experts would agree that the safest way for children to ride is rear-facing. it is only safe to be forward-facing when they are older. Did you know that astronauts actually ride rear-facing when going into space and even when they make their way back to earth? Rear-facing protects the head and neck because if they ride forward-facing, there is a chance that the head and neck will be thrust forward violently, leading to injuries or worse.

There are more car seat safety tips that you can find all over the internet, but the ones enumerated above are the most important ones that you need to follow.

Just remember that car seats are not an extra expense. It’s your first line of defense when you are traveling or in the car. Whether it is a short drive to the park or a long drive to another state, you will be assured that your child is safe and protected.


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