5 Income Generating Ways to Make Income from Home

Everyone realises the importance of money and knows that the more we have; the more comfortable life tends to get. Many of us have jobs that occupy most of the day. But there are those who for one reason or another cannot be part of the corporate or nine-to-five job cycle. From homemakers to young adults who do not have enough experience, it is now easy to work from home and earn extra income with very little investment.

The first step to working from home is creating a space that signifies your workplace. The one significant expense when designing your home office is buying a laptop. It’s better than having a PC as a laptop gives you the freedom to work not just from the house, but also when you are on the move.

But what about the actual work? There are quite a few options in the market that are gaining popularity wherein individuals are not only earning a part-time income but have made a full-blown living out of working from home.


Freelancing and Blogging

The easiest way to start work from home is to freelance or blog. While blogging takes time and will require a few months to a couple of years before you can earn a substantial amount from it, freelancing is more direct and quicker. From graphic designers and travel writers to medical transcriptionists and account managers, the avenues to start earning from day one, provided you have some talent, are available across different genres. Jobs are often posted on Facebook pages, or there are a few specialised websites that link clients with freelancers making it easier to find work.

Affiliate Marketing

As long as you have some clout in social media or the real world, affiliate marking is pretty much free money. Nowadays, online casinos use affiliate marketing, and so does large organisations like Amazon. This is proof of the power that affiliate marking has on business, and your job is to form the link between the company and the customer. In a nutshell, you get paid for bringing the customer to the client’s page, and once they buy anything, you get a percentage of the sale as your commission. It really is as simple as that.

Virtual Assistant

With businesspeople on the move all the time, the traditional job of the secretary is slowly diminishing. Now, we have virtual assistants who handle everyday work for their clients without having to come into the office. From sending emails to making calls and keeping the client’s calendar up-to-date, it’s typically a nine-to-five job, but one that you can do while sitting in your jammies from home.

Online Casinos

Not precisely a job, but online casinos are gaining importance as a secondary source of income for many. Thanks to mobile options, people can play online slots, live poker, or bingo and lotteries from their homes or while travelling. The investment can be as little or as much as you want, but the important part is that online casinos are a complete entertainment package that is also profitable.


The job of a consultant is a little specific and requires some previous knowledge in the subject. If you are good at something and better yet, have previous experience, then by being a consultant, you can help others through online chats or phone. These days, financial and realty consultants are in high demand, and they earn quite well by sharing their expertise.


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