5 Ways To Boost Your Nursing Career

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The key to advancing your career in nursing is often to become the role you’re aiming for where you are now. Nurses who wish to be leaders in their field need to be leaders, motivators, and problem solvers with a cool head under pressure. The way to improve these skills and to show your superiors that you have what it takes to progress, you need to show them in your current role. Try to take on extra responsibilities – you can ask for them if they are not offered – and show that you are willing to put in extra work to ensure the success of your team. Once you’re excelling in your current position and have established a positive reputation for your clinical skills, you can focus on these additional ways to boost your career. 

1. Perfect Your ‘People’ Skills

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In addition to your medical training and experience, you should be focusing on improving your social skills, including communication, confidentiality, conflict resolution and teamwork. Nurses are often naturally empathic and positive people with a desire to help others. This should be true of both your interactions with patients and with colleagues. 

2. Improve Your Education

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Investing time, effort, and money in your education is one of the most effective ways to ensure a successful career path in nursing. For example, after achieving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the next step is a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). This level of education enables you to specialize in a particular area of medicine and is where the highest salaries in nursing can be found. 

The training provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to work independently as typically takes 2-4 years longer than the initial nursing training. If you’re asking yourself, ‘what can I do with an MSN?’, visit Global Health Education for a full summary of the career opportunities the MSN could open up for you. You can even study for an MSN via online learning to enable you to fit studying around your work or family commitments. 

Nursing is a continually evolving discipline which even the most highly educated cannot know everything. Technology, medicines, research, and society are moving at lightning speed, and it is the nursing community’s duty to stay up to date throughout their careers. The good news is that now you can upgrade both your knowledge and career stress-free; life-saving courses such as ACLS, for instance, are available online, offering flexibility welcomed by many busy medical professionals.

3. Start Networking

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It’s essential to build up a professional network of colleagues and superiors by involving yourself in the day to day life of the organization, attending social events, and volunteering to help whenever possible. These connections will stand you in good stead when a promotion is available. 

4. Join a Nursing Society

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You should also consider joining nursing societies or associations. This will enhance your resume and show your commitment to your career but will also provide excellent networking opportunities outside of your organization. These societies often run events either on a local or national basis. 

5. Find a Mentor

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Try to find someone in your organization or a member of your nursing organization who is willing to act as a mentor for you. Your ideal mentor is someone you can learn from who is happy to advise you during your training and career choices. A more experienced colleague or someone in a senior nursing position is perfectly placed to guide you and share their first-hand experiences or even their mistakes. Whoever you ask to fill the position is sure to be flattered by your admiration and trust. 

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