6 Reasons to Ditch the Make-Up

Flickr / Jerine
Flickr / Jerine

By: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

Men or women, boys or girls, the desire to cover any mark or flaw has reached all varieties of people in their idealistic search for perfection and acceptance. The unfortunate message promoted to boost the cosmetic industry’s sales has not only affected the self esteem of individuals that have yet to realize their innate perfection, covered or not, but the environment, animals, and of course, the person whose skin it goes on.

From toxic chemicals to the inhumane treatment of animals in testing labs, it’s no longer necessary or reasonable to contribute to a cycle of suffering on many levels. While there are organic and naturally made brands of make up that are tolerable for those that wish to accentuate their natural beauty, conventional versions should be applied with caution, and overall the beautiful truth of each individual’s uncovered desirability should be accepted as well.

1. Stop Animal Testing

Innocent animals are routinely used in testing for cosmetic purposes; mindless examples include testing a chemical in a chimp’s eyes to record if a product is irritating to the eyeball, or if a certain chemical will cause Eczema in an open wound to a rabbit. What horrific acts unknowingly go on to produce someone’s eye liner surely can’t be worth such suffering.

However, animal testing isn’t just limited to make up, but all cosmetic products. Aveeno, Acuvue, Johnson & Johnson (Band-Aid), Pfizer Chapstick, Clairol, Clean & Clear, Garnier, S.C. Johnson, and L’Oreal are just some of the many companies which test on animals. Choose organic brands which opt out of abusing others for profit and stay educated with the complete list of companies that use animal testing here.

2. Improve your Health

Toxic ingredients mean a toxic body. Chemicals commonly used in make up include Oxtinoxate (which is linked to thyroid and brain problems), Oxybenzone (causing allergic reactions), Mercury (high levels known to damage brain and nerve function), Retinyl Palmitate (linked to Cancer), dyes (contain heavy metals such as Aluminum, Cadmium, and Barium – known neurotoxins), and p-phenylenediamine (an un-tested chemical that has caused face ulcers and blindness). These are just some of the highly toxic ingredients which are plastered on one’s face day after day; because anything that is applied on your skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, don’t you think you should re-think that lipstick until you’re certain it’s certified Organic?

3. Save Money

How much money do you spend on your cosmetic products? If the average female uses 12 health and beauty products in just one morning, one has to hypothesize quite a lot. Imagine how much you could save by skipping the bronzer and eye shadow, instead letting your natural beauty shine.

4. Re-define natural beauty

You’re a beautiful individual. Forget celebrity comparison or your face in contrast to your friend’s…by ditching the make up, you’ll most likely come to terms with what you’ve been hiding from by constantly applying the goo before going out.

Most people suffer from a lack of self esteem, and if make up is your armor, it may be a difficult but well deserved lesson to appreciate yourself in au naturale state. The entire human race cannot be fit into the same box of ideal beauty, genetics are a blessing to separate us on a physical level, therefore don’t let judgement hinder your mental and spiritual truth from arising.

5. Long term, better skin

If you apply foundation to cover spots or acne marks, you’re not contributing to the actual cleansing of your body’s lymphatic system or healing. Like most allopathic methods to ‘treat’ a symptom of an acidic, toxic body, covering pimples up is not getting to the root of the issue. Going make up free can let your cells breath and return to a natural pH balance.

By also adopting a more fresh, unprocessed, plant-based diet, you’ll find your skin will naturally heal itself. Other aids are removing pasteurized dairy from one’s diet and limiting the consumption of hormonally treated meat and flesh products.

Because the skin is the body’s largest detoxifying organ, it should be treated as such. Consume fresh, alkalizing, hydrating foods if you wish to see improvement in its appearance and it will become easier to say ‘no’ to make up.

6. Save time

If you’re used to a regimen of ‘putting on your face’ for at least 30 minutes to an hour, you’re spending an average 8 days straight on fixing your physical appearance. 8 days in one year of applying makeup. If you’re seeking time to engage in your favorite hobby, do yoga, work on a book, or spend more time with a loved on…you could easily manage fitting in a little bit more ‘you’ time by accepting your appearance.

How one presents themselves to the outer world is very much a personal matter; as a society we’ve been taught that what makes you you is not good enough, therefore it’s a mental perception to overcome. However, the listed six reasons should persuade you to reasonably consider how essential your make up truly is. With a dab of Coconut oil or an all natural color to your cheeks, you can still retain the habit of accentuating your looks, but in a very natural, beauty-enhancing way; you’ll not only be contributing to a less vain society but a happier, more accepting you.

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