6-Year-Old Has Beautiful Life Lesson For Mom After Parental Fight [Watch]

A number of children have proven themselves to be incredibly empathetic when it comes to other peoples’ plights. Even if they’re not emotionally invested with the person, they’ll go out of their way to share a wise message or offer some comfort.

Of course, some young ones are inspired to be the voice of reason when they witness an encounter in their own family. As most children still see the world in an innocent and beautiful way, they have nothing but enlightening advice to offer.

One such individual is a little girl named Tiana who moved the world when she shared some sage advice with her mother after overhearing a parental argument.

Reportedly, her mother and father had a squabble about a shoe rack falling off the wall. When her mom came back in, Tiana asked whether or not she was ready to be friends with her dad. Then, Tiana explained a little lesson about life we all may benefit from.

She says:

“If I can be nice, then I think all of us can be nice too.”

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

The video of the wise little tyke skyrocketed on social media shortly after it was shared. It seems people appreciate a genuine reminder of how good the world can be when you take the time to step into someone else’s shoes and act compassionately.

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