7 Signs You’re Getting Healthier


By: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

It can be so easy to point fingers at our weaknesses when we’re picking up a new skill or even striving to do better at something – most relevant, getting healthy! Therefore, I find it more productive and inspiring to focus on the positives of what is working. Change isn’t always easy, but it is rewarding; Looking to get healthier? The following 7 signs share how you are doing it right. Slowly but surely, whatever pace fits you, there are benefits of balancing your body that can help you stay committed in your health journey. .

1. Better Sleep

When we clear the junk from our diets (mostly in the form of processed carbohydrates and refined sugars) we have better blood sugar balance and adrenal function. Simply opting out of fast food and sugary drinks – for a start – can make a big difference in how easily you get your Z’s…

I’ve worked with many individuals that claim sleep is deeper, faster to attain, and leaves them more well rested – just by eating more natural and plant-based!

2. Clearer Skin

One of the biggest reasons seen (along with losing weight) that influences people to start living healthier is that it has a very beneficial effect on the largest organ – our skin! Toxins that are stored in the body – and most importantly, in our lymphatic system- can be detoxified by eating a wide variety of wholesome plant foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, and seaweeds). Other lifestyle choices that help attain glowing, smooth skin include sweating through exercise, lessening your stress load, and including a lot of hydrating plant foods into your diet (Example: coconut water, green juice, smoothies, and raw soups).

3. Happier Mood

When colons have decaying food that needs to be eliminated, it can cause bloating, cramping, gas, and according to Chinese medicine, a fire in the gut that can lead to being impatient and bitter. Because most people don’t consume enough natural fiber from plants, it’s difficult for the body to eliminate stagnant waste; as it rots, this can actually create many health issues – a number one concern being colon cancer. By adding in a smoothie or salad, you can immediately start to feel lighter and much happier. Who knew a bowel movement could create such happiness? 🙂

4. Calmer and Clearer Mind

Brain chatter plagues many individuals. Ever heard of the “I wanted to go to sleep, but my brain wouldn’t turn off!”… It’s actually a crisis experienced by many whom are distracted by the constant bombardment of technological gadgets and a constantly changing world. While meditation and personal time helps to calm and soothe the mind, eating healthier also has an amazing effect on the ‘fog’ that blocks mental clarity. Pick your thoughts as diligently as you would choose what you consume. Both have effect on the constant noise; foods that are pure, clean, uncluttered, and have been proven to clarify brain function are always fresh and most plant-based.

5. More Energy

Abounding energy is result from improving blood sugar balance, fueling with nutrient-rich foods, and creating a cleaner and leaner body. It’s exciting just how much one can get done when they fuel their body naturally compared to the common adrenal-draining options. Caffeine and processed sugars truly only give a fake sense of energy; it’s actually a result from imbalanced blood sugar and taxed adrenals which creates short-term stimulation, then a fast decline. However, when whole, unprocessed foods are eaten periodically throughout the day, it’s easy to maintain sustained and true vibrancy that stems from a healthy lifestyle.

6. Sexier Lookin’ Body

This is one of those benefits that would save 100 million dieters over 20 billion dollars each year (ABC), and in the long term save 220 billion dollars on preventable health issues. Processed foods and high-fat animal sources lead to water retention (high sodium), excess fat storage (high in calories and saturated fats), and act as dehydrators of the body (which tax the whole system and contribute to aging). When one consumes an abundance of fresh, live, all natural foods from Earth, the body will naturally balance itself out by being oxygenated, alkaline, and detoxified. Health food options can still taste delicious! Think roasted chick-pea hummus with vegetables, avocado, and sprouts in a spinach wrap)  Easily, without calorie counting or deprivation, it’s easy to lose weight and restore balance. Who doesn’t love that?

7. Enhanced Connection to the Earth and others

One benefit commonly experienced by those who switch to a more natural lifestyle is that they become aware of an enhanced connection to the Earth. Measurable by Quantum Physics and visible by Kirlian Photography, the energy of one’s body can be increased when they also eat higher vibrational food. Foods that haven’t been denatured and processed carry the highest life force and in return aid in the healing and connectivity of the human body. To those seeking greater spirituality or a sign from God, it’s not rare to find divine communion just by treating your body right and getting in-tune with the rest of the universe! Spend time in nature while sipping a smoothie, and after a while you’ll see what I mean!

Stay inspired on your journey to continue living a healthy life. As you continue to make the correct choices with food, lifestyle (sleep, sun, exercise), and personal happiness (relationships, hobbies), it is inevitable you’ll experience the above benefits just by living in accordance to Nature’s laws.

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