7 Ways to Adopt Color Therapy for Free!

flowers-142750_640By: Amanda Froelich,
True Activist.

Color therapy, or Chromotherapy, is an age-old practice that aims to aid bodily healing on all levels (mental, spiritual, and physical). Because light is comprised of all colors and human beings thrive when exposed to the full spectrum of hues (healing benefit of the sun, Heliotherapy), Chromotherapy is a unique way to further create harmony in the body, integrating what nature has to offer. Unlike expensive treatments, however, the great thing about utilizing Chromotherapy is that it is abundantly accessible in everyday life.

As radical as it may sound, Color Therapy is an age-old modality long since recognized as integral for health. Cultures that revered the human spirit (Native American, Egyptian, Oriental as examples) recognized that we, or humans and all of life, are energetic beings; this phenomenon can be shown with Kirlian Photography and proven with Physics, as all life is energy. When healthy and in balance, the energy – or aura- of an individual reflects vibrant health and emanates a full spectrum of color. The premise behind using colors as therapy is to help awaken the different energy systems of the body (chakras) and restore balance. Because Oriental medicine recognizes that an energetic imbalance precedes any physical imbalance, this is cause to at least to strive to create bodily harmony, and including more vibrant shades into your life can help!

You can get your full spectrum of healing colors in just some of following free ways – there are no excuses not to improve your mood now with brilliant colors and experience the benefits of a full spectrum.

1. Get Sunshine

What better source of all colors than the brilliant, beaming sun which gives life? As a source of Vitamin D and a relaxing beam to bathe under, just be sure to use common sense in your exposure. You can use all natural lotions or products (like Coconut Oil) to protect your skin; also, do not stay out longer than necessary to protect yourself from overexposure.

2. Eat your fresh plant foods

Right away you may be thinking “that’s not free!” but truly there are no excuses; even harvesting your wild edibles (non-poisonous flowers, greens, and herbs) can be free! Utilize healing dandelion greens, grass, foragable trees, or grow your own foods which offer abundant supply of the most healing sources of colors!

Getting double the benefit by visually seeing the gorgeous colors and also eating them, you’re doing a body good with the nutrients, hydration, fiber, and high-vibrational fare.

What is meant by high-vibrational? The colors are frequency of light which we can see vibrate at an energetic level that is viewable to the human eye and the higher vibrational one’s body is (through healthy lifestyle choices and mindset), the healthier and more connected spiritually one seems to be.

3. Meditate on colors

A completely free practice, you can choose to become present and truly appreciate the colors in your house, in nature, or even some exotic patchwork at the store. It’s easy to pass by beauty, but by slowing down and being in the now, it’s a gift to relax and become more connected with all of life.

Freely absorb the resonating frequency of colors you are drawn to, etching out the perfect patterns and hues in your mind. YOU are color – you’re just re-exposing yourself to the beautiful vibrations of life.

4. Alter your backgrounds and themes

If you think about it, most people are exposed to a lot of garbage they subconsciously tune out. What impact does that have?

With such logic, it makes sense to change the little things you may not be aware you’re subjected to, such as the surroundings and colors on your technological toys.

Geeky it may be, if you’re wanting to utilize color therapy to it’s fullest, change the themes on your computer to reflect a beautiful array of hues; this way even when you’re not present to the art of color therapy, you’ll reap the benefits.

5. Play more stimulating music

Truly interesting, each note and chord is shown to resonate with a certain color or frequency of light. To get the most out of your healing aspirations and the therapy of music, play uplifting, colorful sounding tunes that inspire the heart and soul.

In this way you are exposing yourself to a different aspect of colors, but still gaining the same benefit. Mentally keep track of how you feel using peaceful, harmonious music instead of harsh, metallic (as an example) tunes. It seems even in studies the frequency of the varying types of music is good at supporting life or diminishing it – what type of waves do you want to subject your body to?

6. Love your Water

Water is an amazing compound of life which holds and reflects all the colors! Usually you can get it for free, although fluoridated and chlorinated is not the best option.

A great way to heighten your water’s colorful benefits is to use Masaru Emoto’s findings which show that the structure of water picks up thought patterns and can, like music, either benefit or destruct the health in one’s life. If you give powerful, positive thoughts to your water and ingest it, not only are you absorbing your color therapy but are using two holistic methods of living as a way to beneficially influence your health and happiness.

7. Get creative

The greatest thing Crayola ever did was make full spectrum colors for drawing available (despite toxic ingredients). To imprint the imagination onto a sheet of paper and utilize all the brilliant colors available merges two important therapies for healing.

Get your free (get someone to donate a 20 cent crayon box) drawing utensils and let inspiration flow. Imagine the most beautiful scene you’d like to depict and don’t leave one crayon/colored pencil/ marker untouched! Bask in the beauty of what you created, hang it up so you can always see it and use it as a repeat resource for your color therapy, and awaken your own happiness through positive creation.

It’s clear that in different modalities, there are practices less emphasized by science that are very practical and healing to include in every day life. Nature certainly offers many health benefits and by choosing to absorb the variety of colors in life, you could well be on your way to creating a happier, healthier you.

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