8 Unexpected Uses For Vodka We’ll Bet You Didn’t Know

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As we reach the height of summer, it’s easy to become a little wary of alcohol consumption. Fortunately, there’s plenty of other ways to use up cheap old unflavored vodka.

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1. De-Frizz and Remove Residue from Hair

Because of its low pH, vodka is an excellent chemical-free way to de-frizz hair and add shine. Also, vodka can help get the scalp squeaky clean by removing product buildup and residue leftover from the pool or smelly campfire smoke. Add one or two ounces of vodka to your shampoo bottle and shake.

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2. Refresh Laundry

To remove odors and make clothes fresher and cleaner, put vodka in a spray bottle and spritz clothes lightly, before hanging them up to dry. This is especially effective to remove the smell of mold and mildew, which is common when clothes and towels are left damp for too long.

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3. Extend the Life of Fresh Flowers

Enjoy a flower bouquet longer by mixing 1/2 teaspoon of vodka and 1 teaspoon of sugar into 8 ounces of water. Pour into the flower vase and the flowers will last longer before wilting.

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4. Clean Jewelry and Household Fixtures

Because vodka is about 40% alcohol, it can easily cut through grease and goo and leave metallic jewelry and fixtures shining and flawless. Soak jewelry for five minutes and rinse with water. For fixtures, like door handles and chandeliers, pour vodka onto a rag and rub clean.

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5. Weed Killer

Vodka is a great way to kill garden weeds without using chemical pesticides and herbicides. Dilute a few ounces of vodka with a few ounces of water, and several drops of soap. Mix in spray bottle and spray directly onto the body and base of weeds.

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6. Relieve Poison Ivy Rash

The oil in poison ivy that irritates skin, urushiol oil, is no match for vodka. Pour vodka directly on irritated skin for a quick fix. Rinse a couple minutes after. 

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7. Help a Painful Toothache

Swishing with vodka as a mouth wash will help numb the toothache, and will also kill the bacteria that causes and aggravates a toothache. Then, make an appointment with your dentist.

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8. Deodorize Shoes

Stinky shoes can be given new life with a little vodka. This can be accomplished by pouring vodka inside shoes, or spraying them with a spray bottle. Let the shoes dry out naturally overnight, and in the morning they will smell like new.

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