9 Natural Ways to offset the Damage of Radiation Poisoning

Flickr / Ryan Somma
Flickr / Ryan Somma

By: Amanda Froelich,
True Activist.

Called by some the “greatest environmental disaster of all time”, Fukushima’s detrimental spreading has certainly made headlines, rightly gathering the attention of the world. With scarily shocking effects the pollution is having in the world,  there’s an outcry at the injustice of such disaster, as well as a resonating fear regarding the effects of such toxicity.

On an optimistic note, while the people must do whatever necessary to continue to spread word about this man made catastrophe and seek to enlighten the politicians to the seriousness of the situation, there are individual steps one can take to naturally boost their own body’s natural defense to the crisis of radiation poisoning.

Holistic means of tackling radiation should foundationally start with creating basic health; most steps contribute to an alkaline, well-functioning body and a heightened immune system; other aids are specifically targeted for strengthening certain organs and further aiding the movement of the lymphatic system. By reducing the consumption of highly acidic and chemically-produced, processed foods, you’ll be amping up your defense significantly; reducing dairy  and meat consumption is also a smart choice for the health of your body and the environment if you truly want to make an impact.

Follow these 9 steps to jump start your defense against nuclear radiation poisoning.

1. Consume Iodine

If there’s one preventative step you should take to protect yourself and family from nuclear accident effects, it needs to be Iodine. Scientists have concluded that the majority of individuals are deficient in Iodine (almost 97% – source) and the effect of insufficient levels of inorganic Iodine contributes to Goiter, a swelling of the necessary thyroid gland. With a poorly functioning thyroid, one can experience a range of symptoms: from cold hands and feet and hair falling out to brittle bones and retarded brain development in children. (Source)

The medicine is in the prevention, however. Dr. Brownstein (source) shares his knowledge on the subject: ”If there is enough inorganic, non-radioactive iodine in our bodies, the radioactive fallout has nowhere to bind in our bodies. It will pass through us, leaving our bodies unharmed. It is important to ensure we have adequate Iodine levels BEFORE this fallout hits”.

While the option to supplement is available (and doses recommended by your personal health practitioner), there are rich food sources of Iodine including (and not limited to): Seaweeds – all kinds, Cod fish, baked potatoes (with peel), Shrimp, Navy Beans, Tuna (fresh is best), and eggs. With the animal-derived sources, one should strive to obtain fresh-water, and non-canned if they so choose to include them. The body cannot store Iodine, so ensuring a regular intake of health protecting foods on a regular basis (such as ¼ cup of seaweed 2-3 times a week or food options 3 times a week is optimal, portions averaging palm-sized .

2. Eat your Greens

For heavy metal detoxification, there are no better cleansers for the body than greens. High in minerals Magnesium, Calcium, B vitamins, and antioxidants, they’re efficient at chelating heavy metal toxins and removing them from the body.

3. Exercise or Rebound

The goal with moving the body is to flush/move the lymphatic system which is the body’s sewer system. Most individuals consuming popular toxic fare have acidic, stagnant lymphatic systems which means their cells are literally swimming in toxic waste which needs to be excreted. Eating a hydrating, nourishing, and wholesome diet will aid in this issue, as will partaking in exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, or rebounding for 30 minutes 4 times a week. The more you sweat, the better, your body is doing its job and eliminating through one of the main channels.

4. Breathe fresh air

Another main eliminative organ easily forgotten about is the lungs. Every time you inhale and exhale, you are removing Carbon Dioxide from the body and in-taking Oxygen, essential for life. You also breathe out toxins, so if you’re looking to be your healthiest, focus on your breathing, inhaling to the base of your abdomen.

5. Go skinny dipping in pure, mineralized water.

As mentioned in #3, the body’s largest detoxifying organ is the skin. Clothing and smog are just two contributors to blocked pores and energy channels. When one dives into a fresh source of water, however, they are absorbing the alkalizing, cleansing fluid and actually thinning out toxicity in the body. Anything that comes in contact with your skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, therefore if you live a toxic lifestyle and want to amp up your healing, find a fresh source of water near you. A wonderful website with this mission is www.findaspring.com.

6. Include plenty of herbs

Nature truly offers a treasure chest of medicinal plants. Heavy metal detoxifiers and chelators include Tulsi (Holy Basil), Cilantro, Parsley, and sulfur-foods like garlic, onions, and chives. Including these in healthy home made dishes is one option, or one can opt for a supplement. However, most optimal is to consume these foods as fresh as possible.

7. Bentonite Clay

A form of volcanic ash that is capable of physically removing 25 times its weight in the body, it’s a resourceful holistic remedy for cleansing impurities. Bentonite Clay absorbs toxins and can cause somewhat of a laxative effect due to its high levels of Iron, Magnesium, and Silicon. Two kinds are available (Sodium and Calcium) which have been used for centuries for a variety of uses such as face masks, cat litter, and ceramics; if you are to use it internally, seek a high grade from a health food store.

8. Eat Brazil Nuts

One of the highest sources of Selenium in the world, these mineral-rich nuts are a smart snack to consume to prevent radiation poisoning. Selenium is extremely high in antioxidants, is known to have anti-cancer effects, and can also help detoxify the body, removing heavy metals such as Mercury.

9. Zeolite Supplement

Zeolite is a natural combination of volcanic ash and sea water which acts like a heavy metal magnet in the body. With a honey-comb like structure that physically traps heavy metals without removing critical minerals, it’s also been shown with animal studies to improve overall nutrition and even prevent and reverse growth of cancer cells. More research is needed on this particular topic, but to alleviate the fear of heavy metal poisoning, it’s one alternative that should definitely be contemplated with the increase of nuclear radiation in the ecosystem.

The above tips are lifestyle choices and holistic aids one can easily decide to implement. The only thing required is willingness to commit to a more natural regimen and dedication to an overall healthy lifestyle. While troubles and catastrophes may seem to be increasing, the one thing you can commit to is a healthier lifestyle that undoubtedly assist in preventing health issues and heart ache in the long run.

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