9-Year-Old Activist Packs 100 Bags With Food For The Homeless Every Week!

When Dusty Liulay, an inspired activist with a heart to help the homeless, volunteered to work at a soup kitchen, he was told he was too young to participate.

You can imagine his disappointment, as he and his family have been volunteering at soup kitchens since he was five years old. No matter, the inspiring youngster turned this roadblock into an exciting venture and started “Dusty’s Sacks of Hope” to help the homeless in his own way.

With the assistance of a few volunteers, Dusty delivers nearly 150 brown bag lunches to homeless individuals in Portland, Oregon every week.

Credit: "Dusty's Sacks of Hope" Facebook
Credit: “Dusty’s Sacks of Hope” Facebook

KOIN News reports (above) that his cousin, Caelie Agosta, helps with the fundraising to pay for the Sacks of Hope. In addition, their GoFundMe page (which has already raised more than $2,600 in one month!) allows individual from around the world to get involved.

According to Dusty and his family, every $100 collected can make about 120 lunches – and no donation amount is too small! $2 will buy a loaf of bread for someone cold and hungry on the street.

Credit: "Dusty's Sacks of Hope"
Credit: “Dusty’s Sacks of Hope”

Like Hailey Fort, the 9-year-old activist intent on building tiny homes for the homeless, this young individual is an inspiring example of all that can be accomplished when you set your mind to a task.

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