A 5-Year-Old Sells Cookies And Hot Cocoa To Pay For Her 123 Classmates’ Lunch Debts

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It’s not an everyday occurrence that a 5-year-old sells cookies and cocoa in order to help her 123 classmates pay for their lunch debts. Yes, you read that right. The 5-year-old San Diego student Katelynn Hardee just gave everyone older than her a lesson on how to be a compassionate human being.

This kindergarten student from Breeze Hill Elementary school has already got her ethics on point. While the older generation complains that the younger generation doesn’t care about humanity, Katelynn just proved them wrong. When she overheard a parent talking about how hard it was to pay for her child’s school expenses, this little girl vowed to do something to solve this problem.

She confided in her mother, Karina Hardee about what she overheard, but explaining to a child how some people are just less fortunate than others and it is not an easy task. Karina told KSWB that she explained this situation as best and simple as she could – some people have a lot going on in their lives, therefore some are more unfortunate than others.

Katelynn then starting thinking of a plan to pay for her classmates’ lunch debts. As she knew how to make lemonade and manned a lemonade stall during the summers, she decided to expand her business and started selling cookies and hot cocoa as well. All the money that she would earn in this business would be donated to the school.

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Not only did she start making all the cookies and the hot cocoa, Katelynn would also work three hours everyday selling her products in her lemonade stall. Good deeds don’t stay secret, and that’s why this great news went viral just over a week after she started. Since everyone wanted to help this little girl out, Katelynn’s business kept doubling overnight. They were able to raise enough money to pay for 123 student’s lunch debts.

Lunch debts have turned into a major problem in American schools where the students are bullied because their parents can’t pay for lunch. In various occasions, these students end up eating an alternative lunch that is far inferior to the regular menu.

Thankfully, all this will change within the year because the governor of California has passed a law stating that students can’t be devoid of lunch even if their parents haven’t paid. All this has been set into place last Janiary 1, 2020.

Katelynn’s hard work and dedication is another positive step into overcoming this serious issue.


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