A Gorilla That Lacks Pigmentation On Her Fingers Surprised Many With Her Shocking Resemblance To Human Hands


There was a fun party held at Zoo Atlanta not to long ago to celebrate the 6th birthday of their gorilla, Anaka. To share this joyous occasion with others, the zoo employees took photos of their girl and shared it to their followers on Facebook. People sent it their birthday greetings for Anaka. However, while mostly everyone was sending their birthday wishes, others were more observant of the photos and noticed a peculiarly interesting detail.

The gorilla showed a unique pigment on her hand. In the close-up photo of the pink patch, a lot noticed that part of Anaka’s hand looks almost human-like. Yes, this is understandable, considering that gorillas have opposable thumbs. Another similarity is that interestingly enough, all primates have individual and unique fingerprints and toeprints, which are also used for identification purposes, much like human beings.

Unlike most from the animal kingdom, primates also have fingernails and toenails instead of claws, which are used to open and scrape things, cleaning and scratching.


The zoo also shared on their website that it’s not only Anaka’s skin that is unique about her, but her personality and character as well.

“[She’s] often barking at her mom and others to get a prime spot for food and juice. She is often seen riding piggyback on her brother and sisters.”

Some people commented that perhaps Anaka has vitiligo, a long-term skin condition that makes some patches of skin lose their pigment. Morena Lale did comment though that while she asked the zoo about it, they did not confirm this. “I asked this question … and this is their reply: ‘Well, her skin pigment has always been like that and hasn’t changed over the years, so we think it’s just a cool birthmark.’”

Doesn’t Anaka’s hand closely resemble a human beings?


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