A Mother´s Love Reduces UN Audience To Tears

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner is a 26-year old poet chosen by the U.N to represent the (global) public on the issue of climate change at this year´s conference in New York. She´s from the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific, an area of outstanding beauty, where climate change is not some mythological theory but very real and happening right now.

Kathy is also a mother. She just went and wrote the most beautiful, passionate, heartfelt spoken word poem to her beloved daughter, Matafele Peinem, and ended up writing one for the whole of humanity. The best bit? It will leave you feeling happy and inspired, despite the subject matter and urgency of her plea. It´s a call on citizens of the world to unite against the chronically ill system that is destroying our planet. It´s a call of change, hope, and unison, with awesome footage and the cutest baby ever. Pass it on!

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