According To The 2019 Healthiest Country Index, Spain Ranks As No.1 Healthiest Country In The World


According to the 2019 Bloomberg healthiest country index, Spain has now surpassed Italy to become the healthiest country in the world. Partly thanks to their mediterranean diet of an abundance of olive oil, fish and legumes, these types of food lowers the risk of heart disease. In the healthiest country index published in 2017, Spain was ranked 6th, making them go up 5 spots higher in only two years. 

By 2040, with the help of their healthy diet, easy access to specialists and an amazingly public funded healthcare system, Spain is forecasted to have the highest life expectancy of almost 86 years old. They also have the highest life expectancy rates at birth amongst all European nations. 


Among the top ten healthiest countries, five of them are located in Europe, namely Italy, Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.  Italy follows Spain as the second healthiest, thanks to their similar diet. Iceland goes third for its remarkably low pollution levels, and their culturally active lifestyle. 

Japan, who is the healthiest country in Asia, jumps into fourth place because of their current highest life expectancy rate. Singapore is also included in the top ten due to their efficient healthcare system. 

The U.S. is currently ranked 35th due to the high amount of suicides and drug overdoses, while China is ranked 52nd. Almost all the lowest ranked unhealthy countries are located in Sub-Saharan Africa because of a high death rate by communicable diseases in areas that have infectious mortality. 

Bloomberg gathered all data including life expectancy, pollution levels and obesity to come up with the index grades. They also took into consideration all environmental factors such as availability of clean water and sanitation. 

What number does you country rank in?


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