Activists Raid Puppy Mill, Find Animals Who Have Never Seen The Sun [Graphic]


There’s a reason animal rights activists adamantly proclaim one should adopt a new furry friend from an animal shelter rather than a pet store. Many of the animals – specifically pups – that adults and kids swoon over are sourced from puppy mills, which are commercial dog-breeding facilities that rarely focus on the well-being of the canines they raise.

Every year in America, it’s estimated that approximately 2.11 million puppies are sold that originally came from puppy mills. At the same time, 3 million canines are killed in shelters because there aren’t enough adoptive homes.

While this tragedy is indeed saddening, the horrible conditions that animals often live in is also worth noting. Earlier this month, one of the worst puppy mills we’ve ever read about was raided by authorities after undercover investigators purchased a puppy from the breeders and discovered the pooch to be in poor health.

The Dodo relays that the couple ventured to the property to look at puppies and noticed two barns and a general store on the land. They didn’t go into the facilities, of course, but probably should have. When the recently-acquired puppy was taken to the vet for a checkup, it was determined to be very sick. In fact, its poor health became grounds for a search warrant. What officials discovered is beyond shocking…

The buyers – who are actually undercover members of a rescue group called Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) – accompanied police officers to the property located in Senatobia, Missouri. Founder of the ARC, Scotlund Haisley, said that creatures were suffering in “every nook and cranny” on the premise.

Reportedly, animals were in a house and in barns, dogs were on chains, and rabbit hutches were scattered around the property. About 60 chickens, a couple of turkeys, and a donkey were also discovered.

Warning: Graphic Images Follow 

According to Haisley,

“These animals were suffering greatly. Every one of them. There wasn’t a healthy animal on that property. It was a property of horrors.”



One of the worst facilities on the property was an old barn with an outbuilding attached. The stench of urine and mold was so strong, it penetrated the activists’ heavy-duty respirators.

Haisley relays:

“That was so bad, it penetrated our respiratory gear. We had a couple people vomit.”


It gets worse…

Deep within the dark confines of the building, animals sat huddled in cages. Some had eyes swollen shut, others were infested with parasites. Some had skin burns from lying in their own urine, and most had brutally-matted fur.


Unfortunately, a number of animals had also died in the hellish conditions. A necropsy on one of the dogs revealed starvation to be the cause of death.

“These animals had succumbed to death,” Haisley says. “There was no life in them whatsoever.”


Fortunately, the raid resulted in many animals being removed from the dank, dirty conditions.

The animals’ responses to being transported outside were incredible. Their reactions informed the ARC activists that they had likely never been in the sun before.


“When we brought them outside and they were breathing in the fresh air and feeling sunshine, I honestly believe it was the first time,” says Haisley.

Over 200 animals were rescued from the mill and were ushered to an emergency shelter to receive medical treatment. The ultimate goal – after examining, vaccinating, and treating them – is to find them loving homes.

It will be a while until the animals can fully overcome the trauma they endured, but with the right support system and plenty of love, they might one day learn how good life can be with compassionate humans. 


It’s important this story is shared to raise awareness about the unacceptable reality of puppy mills. If you feel inspired, please also consider supporting the animals who were rescued by clicking here.

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