Admirable Landlord Offers Assistance By Telling Restaurant Owners To Pay Their Employees During This Pandemic Rather Than Pay Their Rent


The Coronavirus pandemic has affected many economies all over the world. Stock markets are down significantly, products are hard to find – food, health products, etc. Many people around are quarantined and mandated to stay home. Many people have no work and no income, some are losing their jobs because of the virus. The government is doing all they can to help solve the income dilemma. Many cities have suspended utilities payments, suspended mortgage payments, and are making unemployment checks available to many, more than the US has ever done. But this is just a partial solution. Any help will be useful and appreciated. Americans who can help out in any way are needed.

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While homeowners can’t be evicted for missed payments during the lockdown, a lot of  landlords still demand payment for rent, it is expected. But there are a few landlords who are trying to help out. In Jonesboro, Arkansas, a landlord posted on social media that his company would not expect its tenant-restaurants to pay rent during the shutdown. Instead, he implored that they continue to pay their employees in lieu of the rent. The Young Investment Company owns properties whose tenants include popular restaurants such as Main Street Coffee, Roots, City Wok, The Parsonage, and Eleanor’s Pizzeria. Property owner Clay Young knows that small businesses are suffering now, and said that he didn’t want to put more pressure on them by collecting rent during this calamity. Paula Lowe, co-owner and executive chef of Roots, said these were unprecedented times and are uncertain. “This is a crisis that the restaurant industry has never faced before. There’s nothing that we can change. Everyday is day-by-day,” Lowe said.


The move that Clay Young did was also  unprecedented. It was an unselfish and important gesture during these trying times. Not many people would have done what he did. Surely the employees in the restaurants on his property have him to thank for. Every little bit helps. But having said that, it is up to the restaurant owners to heed his call. They may be free from paying rent to Young, but will they give it to their employees instead? That is another story.


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