Airbag Jeans To Protect Motorcyclists From Road Accidents

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Cars come with built-in airbags to protect the rider from road accidents. While many have lost their lives on the road, the airbags have also saved the lives of many. As for motorcyclists, they have their helmets to protect their heads from impact.

But what happens to these motorcycle drivers the moment their bodies hit the road? A company has come up with a solution that could very well save and protect their bones from impact. This new invention could also be the new life-saver.

In fact, motorcyclists can soon find comfort in the fact that a company had finally produced the world’s first airbag suit that they can use while they are on the road.

The garment that the jeans are is made from is the strongest denim ever. What makes this pair of pants even more unique is the fact that the airbags are activated through the small CO2 cartridges built into it whenever the rider falls from the bike.

The cartridges come with a trigger mechanism that is a tether that connects the pair of jeans to the motorcycle. When a road accident or some sort of strong impact happens, the tether creates a puncture in the cartridges which then inflate the airbags in it.

If the motorcyclist gets thrown off or flies off the bike, a protective air cushion is there and is instantly deployed. The good news is that the CO2 cartridges can be replaced immediately, which means that the jeans can be used on the next road trip.

While the airbag can take care of the forces that come with the impact, the single-layer denim fabric called ‘Armalith’ can handle the intense abrasion that comes with the fall. This was stated by the officials from the Swedish company Airbag Inside.

They say that they have tried and tested the Mo’cycle brand jeans at speeds of up to 45mph (70kph), and saw only minimal abrasions to the denim.

“The airbag covers new areas on the lower body—areas previously unprotected from impact hits, such as the thighs, the rear part of the body, and especially the tailbone. To protect the spinal column’s first bone with airbag technology is ground-breaking because spinal column injuries are the ones paralyzing motorcycle riders,” as per the company’s crowdfunding campaign.

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“The Airbag Jeans reduce the risk of injuries, are as comfortable as any other pants, and are 100% reusable,” they said.

There is currently an online sale taking place on the crowdfunding platform called so that everyday motorcycle riders and retailers are able to get their hands on the product immediately for $528 (€499).

The genius behind the design is a man named Moses Shahrivar. He has been developing protective biker clothing for years. He is also the founder of the fashion tech startup company called Mo’cycle.

The first prototype that was made and designed by Shahrivar came last 2005 and it was a Kevlar and leather-lined jean. However, these denim airbag jeans are said to be more breathable. The best part is that these also come in relaxed or regular fit, depending on what the people want.

The company has promised a delivery date that is scheduled during the summer. They have also set up a campaign page for those who want to learn more about the jeans.


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