Alabama Uses Money From BP Oil Spill Settlement To Rebuild Governor’s Mansion

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this year, after a lengthy legal battle, BP was ordered to pay over $20.8 billion to various states that were affected by the Gulf oil spill of 2010.

It was recently admitted by the office of Alabama governor Robert Bentley that money from the BP oil spill settlement will be used to rebuild a mansion owned by the governor. The property was damaged in a hurricane nearly 20 years ago and the governor thinks that restoring the property is a proper use of money from the Gulf oil spill fund. It has been estimated that the renovations could cost up to $1.8 million.

Bentley’s Communications Director, Jennifer Ardis said that the property needs to be restored because it is an eyesore in the community.

“The Governor doesn’t want this property to be an embarrassment any longer,” Ardis said in a statement this week.

“It will have to be brought up to the standard of a governor’s residence,” she added.

However, many environmentalists are disturbed that the funds are being used for the governor’s personal expenses when they should be getting used to restore areas damaged by the oil spill.

Ardis defended the move by suggesting that it was better than using tax money on the project, although the two proposed options are equally offensive.

A governor makes enough money that they should be able to repair their own mansions.

In addition to the mansion, Alabama will be spending other funds from the settlement on other frivolous projects, including a hotel and conference center that environmentalists have attempted to block in court.

This situation highlights the problem of restitution money going to the government in cases like this, as the money is obviously being wasted and not used to rejuvenate the environment.

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