All You Need To Know About Different Types Of Masters Degrees In Nursing

You have so many career options once you are done with your schooling. The real dilemma is to opt for a field of study for a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. If you are interested in sciences and like helping others and taking care of them you can think about pursuing a master’s of Science in Nursing. Let me tell you, just like any other degree program, a bachelor’s degree in Nursing equips you with a set of skills that you need as a nurse practitioner. There are numerous platforms to opt for getting this degree. Either enroll in the on-campus program or choose an online MSN degree. With a qualified degree, you can certainly get ahead in your career and get decent pay.


Master’s of Science in Nursing has a variety of programs that make a Registered Nurse ready to deal with each type of patient because the program will not just include clinical skills, but will also teach best practices for healthcare, leadership opportunities, the significance of community medicine and health, and attitudinal development. The benefits don’t end here. MSN degree brings loads of earning opportunities for you because once you complete your MSN program, you will be fully prepared for research work, discuss and perform substantially advanced healthcare for your patients. This course lets you choose what interests you the most and specialize in that particular domain. You can opt to become a consultant or educator. You can opt for public health as your specialization area in nursing or choose to take part in administration. All of these options are available for you if you decide to get into the MSN degree program.


For your ease, here is what you must know about different types of master’s degree in nursing:


  1. Masters of Science in Nursing Degree


Here is a list of nursing fields that you can select for your area of specialization. These programs are not only available in institutes but you can also study them online.


  • Become a Nurse Educator: It’s always a good idea to teach what you have learned and no other way but this could be the best contribution you could make as a nurse in your field. A nurse educator educates and prepares upcoming registered Nurses to perform their best. After earning an MSN degree, you can practice as a nurse educator because you will be the person with advanced skills and knowledge of nursing. You can write research papers, get your work published, contributing to the constant development of your passion and healthcare industry. You can choose to work at different setups and share your learning.


  • Become a Nursing Researcher: Researchers are the people because of whom this world is growing up fast and getting better. After becoming a nurse researcher, you’ll be able to analyze everything based on evidence and give your best services.


  • Become a Nurse Informatics: This role is an interesting one because this involves advanced technology. After this specialization, your analytical skills will be developed to recognize, interpret, direct and transfer the information of practical nursing.


  • Become a Nurse Leader: As an MSN Nurse Administrator, you can lead the team with other nurses and provide the best healthcare services to your patients. You will be looking after the administration, managing people, making sure the systems are in place and running smoothly.


  • Become a Public Health Professional: If you are somebody with interest in policies, community health, the advancement of the general population’s health, this track is for you. With nursing knowledge, you will be better able to contribute to understanding population health needs, conduct research, evaluate results and advocate for public health policies and visions. You can design and get hands-on multiple disease prevention campaigns, promoting health at your best.


  1. Advanced Practice Master’s of Science in Nursing


If you are an RN and looking to advance in your clinical practice, this degree is for you. While you complete your MSN degree program, you also need to choose a field of specialization for your career and take an exam to certify in that particular specialty.


  • Become a Nurse Practitioner: As a practitioner, you get to work with patients belonging to different backgrounds, with advanced technology, decision-making skills, assessment tools, and prescription authority. Just like doctors, there are various special options available you can choose from. This gives ease to pick as per your interest and become an expert. A few programs offer degree courses and few are topped with extra certification after your general practitioner program.


  • Become a Clinical Nurse Specialist: This role is more of a consulting one because it involves you to choose a specific domain like emergency care or pediatrics, and consult only those patients with breakthrough care performance.


  • Become a Clinical Nurse Leader: Here you can become a supervisor of your team.


  • Become a Midwife Nurse: As a certified nurse-midwife, you get a complete hold of antenatal and postnatal management. You also get hands-on experience in labor and delivery.


  • Become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist: Just so you know, this opportunity can bring you loads of money because this requires high perfection and platforms of learning. Here you get to experience patient care, monitoring of anesthesia and exposure of various settings at a hospital.


  1. Degree With a Combo

Here is the possibility of pursuing two degrees at once by combining an MSN degree with any other interest of yours. This could be a pair of a business degree, administration in healthcare and community medicine.


  1. Non-Nursing Bachelors to MSN Program


This option is quite an ease now. If you are an RNs who has done an associate degree in nursing along with a non-nursing bachelor’s program, you can opt for a non=nursing bachelor’s to MSN program. As students with already done bachelors have the basic know-how important for this bridge of RN to MSN, so they need less credit hour as compared to the regular program. This way a portion of the course is waived off and becomes easier for students to get this done in lesser time.



Nurses now have a variety of options to choose from. You can pursue multiple choices or just pick one as per your convenience. MSN degree tracks are offered both full time and part-time, hence you can also keep doing it beside your practice. But part-time options are very few. Anyway, review the opportunities thoroughly and decide according to your interests, needs, goals and work commitments. You can find potential programs but do keep in mind the number of years, the scope of that particular degree and perks attached to the selected field. Hopefully, with the above guidance, you can easily select the field of your choice and make it a successful career.

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