Amateur Inventor Denies Murder And Mutilation Of Young Freelance Journalist
Peter Madsen and Kim Wall aboard the Nautilus. Credit: BBC

The torso of a corpse was discovered last week by a cyclist off the coast of Denmark. Further investigation revealed the body belonged to 30-year-old Swedish freelance journalist, Kim Wall. Wall disappeared August 10th after boarding the homemade submarine of amateur inventor, Peter Madsen, 46.

“The suspect denies homicide and desecration of a human body,” Copenhagen police said in a statement regarding Madsen. Police continue to search for the arms, legs and head. They reported the torso had originally been attached to a metal object, presumably to weigh the body down and prevent its discovery.

In an original interview with Madsen, the suspect said he had dropped Wall off safely at a port in Copenhagen on the 10th. He later changed his statement, saying Wall died in an accident onboard and he “buried” her at sea. Traces of Wall’s blood were found on the sunken 40-tonne 18-meter (60 ft.) submarine. Police suspect Madsen intentionally drowned the marine craft following Wall’s death.
Kim Wall. Source: Facebook

Since August 12th, Madsen has been held in custody on suspicion of “negligent manslaughter.”  Madsen will undergo psychiatric evaluations. His submarine, the Nautilus, was the largest private submarine ever made. Following a dispute between Madsen and the volunteers that helped build the Nautilus, Madsen said “There is a curse on Nautilus… That curse is me. There will never be peace on Nautilus as long as I exist.” 

Wall was a graduate of the Columbia University school of journalism in New York City. She contributed to the New York Times, Harper’s, the Atlantic and VICE. Prior to the accident, Wall had planned to move to Beijing with her boyfriend.

“It is with boundless sorrow and dismay that we received the news that the remains of our daughter and sister Kim Wall have been found,”  wrote Ingrid, Wall’s mother, in a Facebook post. “The scale of the disaster is not yet fully transparent, and there are still a number of questions to be answered.”

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