Amazing! This Blind Man Uses Echolocation To Bike Down Busy Streets [Watch]

Blindness may be an unfortunate ailment, but it doesn’t have to be a handicap. Just take a look at Daniel Kish, a man who safely bikes around his town – all while not being able to see where he is going.

As the video above reveals, Daniel uses echolocation as a sonar system to “see” where he’s going, much like a bat. GoodNewsNetwork relays that the cyclist makes clicking sounds with his mouth that bounce off obstacles in his way, which allows him to peddle safely around the dangers.

While Kish’s ability makes him seem like a superhero, there are others who have also mastered the skill.

In 2007, for example, a 14-year-old named Benjamin Underwood made headlines for his ability to play sports like other kids – basketball, skating, video gaming, karate – even though he is blind. Cancer stole his sight at just two years of age, but he, too, mastered echolocation and showed the world that there are no impossibilities when one is passionate to live a good life.

In the video below, Underwood is interviewed by Ellen for a series called People You Should Know.

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