Amazon Driver Rescues Baby Abandoned On The Side of The Road


Amazon delivery driver, Juan Carlos Flores, was driving along one of his usual routes in Houston, Texas on the morning of January 18 when he noticed something incredibly strange. There was a baby carrier on the side of the road in one of the areas he was in while delivering a package. But what he didn’t realize at first was the baby that happened to be buckled into the seat.

Flores shared that when he first saw the carrier, he just knew that something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t have known just how right he would be.

Initially, Flores thought that maybe the baby’s parent had just put the car seat on the curb for a moment in order to do whatever they needed to do before heading out. But then Flores noticed that ten minutes into delivering his packages, the car seat was still just there.

That’s when he noticed that there was actually a baby buckled into the seat that didn’t even look like he was near a year old. In fact, the baby was just a few months old. And he was seemingly abandoned on the side of the road.


He explained, “When I saw that baby, I wanted to cry.” This is when he decided to go to the nearest neighbor to find out if they had accidentally left a baby outside by the curb.

When the homeowner said that the baby wasn’t theirs, they decided to call the police to report the abandoned baby. Flores also said, “How could someone have a heart to leave the child on the side of the road?” Of course, he couldn’t have known the actual reason for the baby being abandoned in the first place, and sadly it wasn’t a happy one.

What Flores didn’t know was that some time before he had found the deserted baby, there was a surveillance camera on one of the nearby neighborhood homes. What the CCTV camera captured was a man holding the carrier and leaving it on the side of the road in the 300 block of New Haven Drive in Sunnyside.

Although Flores had gone back to completing his deliveries, when he saw the police arrive searching for the house where they baby was, he went to help them. Flores explained, “I took the police to the house where was the baby, and that’s when they told me the baby was stolen with a car, and they left the baby on the side of the street.”

Not too long after, the crying mom of the infant showed up and was happily reunited with her baby. The police explained that they believe the man in the surveillance video was the suspect of carjacking.

As heard on police audio from Broadcastify, the authorities said, “Units in route to a robbery of the vehicle. On the call, she said the child was in the vehicle.” Apparently, before the mother was reunited with her baby, she had attempted to track an iPhone that was inside the vehicle, hoping that she would be able to find her baby.

Police also got a welfare check call for a baby that was said to be around four to six months old from someone in the 400 block of New Haven Drive.

Mirna Garcia happened to be one of the neighbors whose home surveillance system managed to capture the events that occurred that Monday morning.

Garcia shared, “It showed the baby getting dropped off, and the baby was there for about 20 minutes, and there were about six vehicles that drove by, and nobody saw. It was also trash day that day, so we wouldn’t have realized something was there on the corner.”

Garcia turned the video over to the police for further investigation, but the Houston Police Department (HPD) has yet to find the suspect. Garcia shared, “We were a little shocked. Just because we felt like somebody was definitely watching over that baby. And, being a mom, I could only imagine what the mom was going through.”

Since the event took place, residents of the Houston neighborhood have been thanking Flores for finding the baby and helping him be reunited with his mother after the harrowing incident took place.

When he was asked about how he feels having found the helpless infant, Flores said, “I feel lucky,” saying that this has been the best thing that’s ever happened to him while on the job. And we’re certain that the baby’s family, especially his mother, feels exactly the same way. If it weren’t for Flores, who knows how long that defenseless baby would have been left out in the open before someone had found him.


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