Angry Travelers In Pakistan Kick Politician Off Plane After He Holds Up Flight For 2 Hours

Image Credit: Asuspine/Wikimedia

This Monday, at the Karachi airport in Pakistan, a flight was held up for over two hours because a politician was late, and the highly subsidized airport would not allow the flight to leave on schedule.

Rehman Malik, the politician who held up the flight, is a former interior minister in Pakistan and he is actually notorious for doing thing like this, as are many other politicians in the country.

When he finally arrived at the airport and the travelers realized why they had been waiting on the runway for 2 hours, they became angry, and a mob joined to block him from getting on the plane. Another politician was reportedly on the plane as well, and the travelers physically ejected him.

According to National Post, one passenger shouted, “You should be ashamed of yourself! Even if you are a minister, we don’t care. We don’t care anymore. How long will we put up with this nonsense in the country?”

Later, Malik blamed the incident on his political opponents, and said that it was members of an opposing political party who were the ringleaders in the mob. He also blamed the airline as well, saying that “The delay was not due to me, I myself suffered because of the airline’s mismanagement.”


Earlier this week, an angry mob waited outside of Ukraine’s parliament and followed politician Vitaly Zhuravsky out of the building.

The mob cornered the politician, lifted him up and threw him in a trash can. Zhuravsky has a history of voting for oppressive laws, and recently voted to severely limit free speech on the internet and at protests.


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