Anonymous Activist Is ‘Protecting’ Graffiti Penises By Covering Them With Condoms

Albeit humorous, the campaign helps raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases.

Not too long ago, True Activist reported on an anonymous individual covering potholes with graffiti penises to ensure they would be fixed within 48 hours (and it worked!). Now, we share news of another anonymous vigilante concerning themselves with graffiti penises. This time, however, they are “protecting” the street art by spray-painting condoms on top of them. Albeit hilarious, the activism also sends a health message which the original authors of the graffiti are likely to be okay with.

The campaign is known as Protect City Cocks, and it was started when an anonymous art director noticed a shocking amount of unwanted “dick pics” scattered across London’s walls. In a blog post for Campaign Magazine, the anonymous individual professes that the graffiti initially made him uncomfortable but then inspired him to send an important message about safe sex.

“I then started to go out like some kind of heroic super-sex-hero protecting these unprotected graffiti penises,” he wrote.

Sometimes, the activist also includes a link to a UK sexual health website where free condoms can be obtained. Because over 100,000 new cases of sexually transmitted diseases are confirmed in London each year, the individuals who partake in spreading the campaign’s message hope that number decreases in the near future.

The art director wrote,

“I wanted to convey the importance of this message while connecting with society in an entertaining, engaging and truthful way.”

Following is some of the art director’s best artwork.

Credit: protectcitycocks
Credit: protectcitycocks
Credit: protectcitycocks
Credit: protectcitycocks
Credit: Credit: protectcitycocks
Credit: protectcitycocks

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