Anonymous Blows The Lid Off Hillary Clinton [Must Watch]


Between leaving Americans to die in Benghazi, destabilizing Haiti’s economy, playing a major role in Syria’s downfall and the rise of ISIS, and destroying evidence which could potentially be used for incrimination purposes, Hillary Clinton has a disturbing – and bloody – track record in politics.

Despite this, the former Secretary of State still retains impressive support for her run to be elected as President of the United States. If the prospect of her leading an entire nation doesn’t frighten you, however, you may not be paying attention to her shady past or present dealings.

Plenty of incriminating information has been released about Clinton and the deals she’s been involved in, but this has done little to derail her campaign. Perhaps it’s because of this that the self-proclaimed hacktivist group Anonymous has switched its focus to expose Hillary Clinton.

In the past, the activists involved with the online syndicate have targeted several government agencies around the world, including the Church of Scientology, child pornography sites, and several large corporations. Now, exposing Clinton and her crimes against the U.S. and humanity takes precedence.

“Anonymous doesn’t forget and doesn’t forgive.”

Watch the video below to watch the online syndicate blow the lid off Hillary Clinton.

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