Anonymous Pulls A Fast One On Donald Trump, FBI, And The Secret Service

After the collective known as Anonymous announced to the public it had leaked important and private information of Donald Trump’s, backlash quickly followed. Not only did the Trump front have heated words on the issue, an announcement was issued by the Secret Service and FBI that an investigation had begun.

However, no one could have known that the retaliation is exactly what the ‘hacktivist’ group was hoping for.

Reportedly, Anonymous never did hack Trump’s cell phone number and social security number. In fact, everything that wasp posted online has been available – for anyone to see – for years.

The real issue, which Anonymous sought to reveal, was the State’s reaction to the ‘attack’ on the presidential hopeful.

In a second video released by Anonymous RedCult, the ruse is explained. The narrator describes how the information “was online since 2013.” Despite that, “The government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack Mr. Trump’s accounts and telephone information.”

This action was taken even though the non-crime was never fully investigated by law enforcement at every level. America’s fascist tendencies are exactly what Anonymous wished to display to the public, and it succeeded.


In the clip (above), RedCult features a snippet of ABC News coverage of the non-hack, which reports it as if it were a serious crime. According to the narrator:

“Trump want[s] to turn America into a fascist dictatorship where anyone can be arrested for just posting old information online.”

The group may have just proven a crucial point in its experiment. The Republican candidate frontrunner already indiscriminately aims his hatred at members of the press, activists, and anyone who disagrees with his twisted plans for the future. Imagine if he becomes president…

“Thank you Trump and Trump campaign. Thank you police, FBI, and the Secret Service for being a part of our little experiment on how we should expect the so-called New America will be.” 

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