Antibiotics Are Failing And Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Care

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Antibiotic resistance happens when a bacteria evolves to a point that it becomes fully resistant to modern medicine, completely disregarding the presence of an antibiotic and just continues to multiply anyway.

And in case you’re wondering, that is exactly what we are dealing with right now, with our antibiotics losing its ability to control and kill bacterial growth.

So, if our antibiotics are no longer working as good as they are supposed to, pharmaceutical companies should now be investing their time and resources trying to develop new medicine right? Unfortunately for the rest of us, that is just not the case. It turns out that research and development of new medicine simply don’t pay as much because they don’t want to have antibiotics that will just sit on a shelf waiting for a major health crisis to happen.

According to Ghada Zoubiane, program manager for infection at the Medical Research Council in the UK, says that –

”it has to be a big concern. It’s a silent problem that hasn’t hit us in the face yet.”

In order for us to combat this, one economist, Jim O’Neill, says that if pharmaceutical companies won’t do anything about it, they must be forced to pay for the research and development of those entities who are willing to do the work. By forcing drug companies to ”pay or play” people will benefit either way.

”We think there is a credible case for the pharmaceutical industry itself to pay, given how important antibiotics are for 7 billion people around the world,” Jim O’Neill said.

What do you think of this problem that we are facing? Do you believe that pharmaceutical companies should do more than what they are doing right now? Let us know in the comments below and share this news.

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