Are The Super Famous Victims Of Mind Control? This Creepy Video Certainly Suggests So…

Every day, new studies surface confirming the untapped power of the mind. While it certainly sounds conspiratory to suggest that the government (and the corporations controlling puppet politicians) aim to keep people subdued through various means (fluoride in the water, low-quality junk food, and incessant advertisements, anyone?), that may just be the reality we’re living in.

Perhaps you’d like to review the article “10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True” before watching the disturbing video above…

In the compilation of clips, a number of super famous celebrities and very important political figures are caught on camera acting extremely weird.

For example, do you notice at 4:23, how the news reporter freezes when he hears the words ‘Holy Ghost’? What about at 11:25, when Lady Gaga covers one eye as soon as the host says ‘Good Lord’?

Either they are victims of mind control, or some of them are battling multiple personality disorders. Either way, the options are both disturbing and should not be taken lightly.

In addition – and we feel this is worth noting, figures like Serena Williams and even Beyonce admit to being ‘controlled’ by other personalities. Tennis star Williams even mentions at one point how it ‘wasn’t her’ threatening a ref during a match in 2009. She was ‘absent’ during that encounter.

How is that not weird? And why is no one talking about this? 

Check out the video for yourself, and comment what YOU think is behind the bizarre behavior.

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