Are You An Activist Or A Slacktivist?

This interesting four-minute video looks at the pros and cons of online activism, asking: Are you an activist or a slacktivist?

If you sign online petitions, share things on Facebook and Twitter, shop online conscious of the brand´s ethics, or donate to causes you feel passionately about, then you´re a slacktivist. Anyone who´s ever been on a street protest would fit in the more traditional activist category.

But which of these forms is more powerful? Do protests still work like they did back in the day, or do they just supply governments with more excuses to make draconian anti-civil rights laws that restrict our freedoms to assembly and speech? Does the success of campaigning sites like Avaaz mean that protest has now evolved to such an extent that nobody has to leave their armchair? Have you ever felt so inspired by an online cause that you´ve taken it to the streets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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