Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

This Democracy Now report features a documentary called Alive Inside, which is the moving story of how personalized music headphones have changed the lives of hundreds of Alzheimers sufferers, mentally ill patients and elderly nursing home residents thanks to a project that aims to reconnect them to happy memories.

All of the transformations in this clip are incredibly moving to watch, and one of the best features someone you may have seen before.Henry, an elderly Alzheimer’s patient in an American nursing home, became a viral video star in 2012 after people all over the world saw his amazing reaction when social worker Dan Cohen gave him a personalized ipod and headphones. In a short video that has been viewed millions of times online, Henry starts out slumped over and unresponsive — but is clearly full of happiness and energy when he listens to his favorite artists.

The music triggers memories of youth, and people who were once vegetative come alive again. One smiling schizophrenic patient, who had been visibly anxious and traumatized moments earlier, kicks away her walker for the first time in two years when she hears her favourite tracks and starts to dance, describing her feeling as “Love”.

We really hope Dan Cohen is getting the support he needs to roll out the personalized iPod plan to nursing homes around the country…this is proof of how medicinal music really can be.

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