Australia Is Planting A Total Of 1 Billion Trees By 2050 For Climate Change Regulations


Australia intends to plant 1 billion new trees by 2050 as part of their climate change regulations in the Paris Agreement. The government says that with this plan, they can eliminate 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in the country by 2030. Trees naturally counter carbon emissions because of the conversion of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, as well as provide timber and wood fibre which are well used natural sources. 

At present, Australia produces approximately 500 million tons of carbon oxide yearly. With 1 billion trees for future planting, it will reduce 18 million tons from the air. While there will be a significant improvement in the environment, it does not solve the core problem as to where the emissions are coming from. 


Carbon emissions are made from agriculture, transportation, and energy generations. Coal  mining occurs in every state in Australia for export, and they are not planning on moving away from this business. Aside from earning income from exportation of coal to Asian countries, it also supports 70% of the electricity generation of the country. 

Although targets set by the Paris Agreement will be met, and by 2030, the country’s carbon emissions would have been reduced to more than 25%, they will not fully achieve a change on global warming unless the significant conversion of electricity generation is transferred to solar and wind energy. 

The country has already been feeling the effects of extreme weather changes and drought, bushfires and flash floods. Thousands of animals have been dying with the extreme heat and drought, which is making Australia rethink their carbon footprint. Many international companies, as well as citizens are now making everyday changes for more environmentally friendly choices to improve the climate however they can. 


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