Bodies Of Missing Young Couple Found Dead, Hugging Each Other

Making A Choice


According to Austin, Joseph’s best friend since the 6th grade, he believes that “They had a choice of a slow and painful death or a quick death. And they made the choice of a quick death.” But despite preliminary evidence and the statement given by the San Bernardino’s Sheriff’s Office of a ‘sympathetic murder-suicide,’ police continue to look into the case, just to make sure that they don’t count anything out.

Getting The Answers They Wanted


After finally finding his son and Rachel, Gilberto shares his relief over the end of the search. He explained, “I feel that we have closure. That was our main goal… to find them. I hope they can rest in peace now.” And for the Nguyen family, they said, “We thank God that we’ll be able to give Rachel a proper burial and lay her to rest.”

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