Bodies Of Missing Young Couple Found Dead, Hugging Each Other

An Active Search


The park was quickly alerted and a search was immediately placed under way. The Joshua Tree National Park Search and Rescue team began the initial hunt, with the park’s Public Information Officer requesting that only skilled ‘search and rescue’ teams be allowed to join the search, mostly because of the rugged terrain. Signs were posted around the area for people to also be aware that an active search was underway, just in case anyone saw anything.

Finding Their Car


One of the first things that rescue teams found was their car. It was parked by the Maze Loop Trail, and items belonging to both Rachel and Joseph were found inside. They also saw a new set of footsteps walking away from the vehicle and towards the area of one of the more popular trails. And while they were hopeful of finding something soon, they couldn’t have known what the outcome was going to be.

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