Bodies Of Missing Young Couple Found Dead, Hugging Each Other

Almost 3 Months Later


It was on October 15, almost three months from when the search began, when finally the bodies of two hikers were found. Gilberto was part of the group that found them, but he wasn’t the first one to spot the couple. And although they didn’t want to confirm right away that it was Rachel and Joseph, Gilberto, as well as the other group members believed they had finally found the couple they were looking for. Gilberto even shares, “I believed I was going to find them. I didn’t know when, but I had my answer today.”

They Were Said To Be In An Embrace


One of the most notable details of the couple when they were found was that they were in an embrace. But it was only after the bodies were recovered and inspected that details about their disappearance and death would become public knowledge. The bodies were picked up and brought to the Coroner’s Division in San Bernardino in order to figure out what exactly had happened.

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