Brave Firefighters Assist A Deer Stuck On A Frozen Lake With A Unique Technique


Annually, the icy expanses of Northern lakes present formidable challenges for emergency response teams tasked with rescuing individuals or animals stranded on precarious frozen surfaces. In a recent and unprecedented twist, firefighters in Minnesota demonstrated an innovative approach, drawing inspiration from an unexpected source—the sport of curling.

Concerned residents in Minnesota reached out to the Prior Lake Fire Department upon spotting a sizable deer trapped on the frozen expanse of Pike Lake. The helpless animal struggled to gain traction on the slippery ice, its legs creating punctures in the chilling waters below.

Upon arrival, the firefighters formulated a unique plan, borrowing a technique from the realm of Olympic sports. With a Y-shaped pole, reminiscent of the tools used in curling, they aimed to guide the distressed deer safely to the shore. However, reaching the stranded creature proved challenging, requiring the firefighters to traverse the ice on their hands and knees.


The city of Prior Lake documented this remarkable and heroic rescue mission on Instagram, showcasing the resourcefulness of the firefighters and their ability to adapt unconventional methods to ensure the well-being of both people and wildlife in the face of challenging conditions.

“It was struggling to get off of the thin ice. Firefighters put on their protective gear and carefully crawled across the ice. They were successfully able to push the deer to shore.”



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