Breyers Ice Cream Will Stop Using Monsanto Hormone In Their Products

ice-cream-50402_640World-famous ice cream producer Breyers has recently announced that they have decided to stop using milk from cows that have been treated with Monsanto’s artificial growth hormone rBST. Breyers has promised that from now on they will only be purchasing vanilla that is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, an independent food watch-dog group that monitors quality and ethics in food production.

“Breyers has a long-standing history of offering frozen treats with high-quality ingredients that moms feel good about. These industry-leading changes are the latest in our commitment to do right by parents and the environment,” Alessandra Bellini, vice president of brand development at Unilever North America said in a recent statement.

In the 1980s Monsanto developed a biological agent called (RBGH) or posilac, which acted as a growth hormone for milk-producing cows. After the product became so controversial, the name changed to RBST, but the basic composition remained the same. This was a hormone that was specifically designed to alter the genetics of cows in order to increase milk production. This horrible abuse of genetic technology resulted in carcinogenic milk, which a large amount of the population was exposed to. Many of the lawsuits against Monsanto are involving this tainted milk and the unfortunate people who now have cancer because of it. The livestock that were exposed to this hormone suffered from mutations and diseases that put them in an incredible amount of pain before they ultimately died.

Also as a result of the over production of milk the dairy industry was crippled and average farmers are having a more difficult time surviving in today’s genetically modified market. The most interesting thing about this situation is the fact that the FDA only approved the patent of this hormone for the Monsanto Company, but denied the other 3 companies that applied to distribute it. Monsanto was then forced to change the name of their product so it would disappear from the headlines, but unfortunately it still continues to cause problems.

Breyers is taking a step in the right direction by removing this toxin from their ice cream, but many are wondering what took them so long.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. 

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