Brooklyn Building-Owner Gives His 200+ Tenants Free Rent For The Month Of April And Tells Them To Buy Groceries Instead


In the last week alone, there was a new record of 6.6 million Americans that filed for unemployment, with that number doubling from what was seen the week before. While the U.S. government has taken steps in order to help their citizens on the economic hardships everyone is facing because of the pandemic, like the stimulus package that was just recently passed, critics still believe this isn’t enough most especially for the low wage workers.

The abrupt and unexpected shut down of the global economy has further deepened the poverty crisis, most especially in the U.S. Local food banks are receiving an overwhelming number of people as local citizens are beginning to worry about where they’re going to get their next meal from.

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Mortgage forgiveness is a new trend that many areas across the country have established, but rent forgiveness is a whole other story. Fortunately, there are still generous and caring landlords out there that have stepped up and taken it upon themselves to help their tenants during this impossible time.

Mario Salerno from Brooklyn, New York owns 18 apartment buildings in the city. He has told all his tenants not to worry about paying rent during the lockdown, and to spend their money on buying food instead. Salerno shared to the New York Times that he put up signs in his buildings reminding his tenants to wash their hands and be of help to their neighbors.

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The Brooklyn landlord has estimated a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in income just for the month of April. In his 18 buildings, he rents apartments to about 200-300 tenants, all of whom do not need to pay a single cent for a whole month.

Down in L.A., there is a group of homeless mothers that go by the name “reclaimers.” They have moved into abandoned homes located all over the city to protect themselves from the virus, and adhere to the public health effort of social distancing and self-quarantine. Keeping yourself and your children healthy is far more difficult to accomplish if you live on the streets.

Media reports that though it is not clear how many reclaimers have occupied abandoned homes, their numbers continually increase as the coronavirus conditions in the region keep getting more serious.



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